Getting There

Sydney To Bullocks Flat/Perisher Skitube

  • Driving from Sydney to Jindabyne takes about 5-6hrs depending on breaks & then a following 1-2hrs to get to Orana lodge.
  • When you leave Jindabyne heading towards the slopes travel on Kosciuszko Road for approx 5-10mins & there will be an intersection with the road “Alpine Way” to your left. TURN LEFT at this intersection following the signs to “SKI TUBE & THREDBO.” DON’T go straight ahead at this intersection & follow sign to “PERISHER VALLEY” as this will take you to Perisher Valley car park & you are not allowed to park overnight.
  • Travel on Alpine Way for approx 20-30mins, there will be a right turning lane & another sign for “SKI TUBE”. TURN RIGHT into Ski Tube road.
  • Once you turn right into the Ski Tube road you will then come to a T intersection. TURN LEFT at T intersection. Follow the road around one of the car parks and you will see Ski Tube building to your right.
  • Drive up to the Ski Tube building to drop off luggage and unpack the car before parking. Trolleys are available to hire to transport your luggage onto the Ski Tube (approx $4 each).
  • Once you have unpacked your car, park your car in the overnight parking area.

Tip: A cup of Metho added to your wind screen washer fluid will help prevent freezing.
Tip: Fill Diesel vehicles with Alpine diesel in Jindabyne or Cooma to avoid problems starting.

Bullocks Flat/Perisher Skitube To Perisher

  • The Ski Tube Train leaves from Bullocks Flat every 30mins during the day & then reduces to every 60mins at night & runs all night.
  • You can buy your tickets for the Ski Tube & Perisher Lift Ticket at Bullocks Flat or have it included in your lift ticket purchase.
  • There are staff at the Ski Tube that will help you load your luggage trolley on & off the Ski Tube.
  • Once you get to the top of the Ski Tube Terminal, Perisher Valley the staff will help unload your luggage trolley & place it in the luggage only lift to be taken upstairs.
  • Go upstairs to the top level of the Ski Tube Terminal (up 2x flights of stairs). TURN RIGHT at the top level of the Terminal, walk down the Terminal pass some of the shops until you see the lift garage door again on your right. Wait here until your luggage comes up the lift & perisher staff will return your luggage to you.

Perisher To Orana Ski Lodge

  • Once you have collected your trolley of luggage from the lift if you stand facing the lift door & look to your left you will see the Hans Oversnow Counter.
  • Hans Oversnow transport is where you book your over snow transport to Orana lodge. Don’t worry if your arriving really late & the door is shut they work 24hrs a day on demand but there is a surcharge if it’s out of normal business hours.
  • You will then help the Hans Oversnow staff load your luggage off the trolleys onto the Hans Oversnow vehicles & they will take you to the lodge.
  • When arriving at the lodge please leave all skis/stocks/boots in the downstairs racks & heated drying room provided downstairs.
  • Ski/snowboarding boots are not allowed to be worn in the upstairs lodge.

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