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Orana is a private lodge available only to members and their guests. Membership is available by invitation only.  Orana ski club was originally set up to promote the sport of Skiing and other athletic sports games and past times in 1954
Garbage collection days are most days during winter (no collection in Summer).
Please ensure your rubbish is ready for collection.
NPWS run the rubbish collection service and 4SITE will collect rubbish from the laundry down stairs daily.
Please separate rubbish and recycling:

Land fill rubbish into black bags.

Clean bottles (no lids), hard plastic and cans go into the clear recycling national park supplied bags both are usually found down stairs in the laundry.

Kitchen food scraps (FOGO) go into the kitchen tidy buckets lined with the national park compostable liners, these should be tied up and placed in the black crate in the laundry, replacement liners can be found in the kitchen draws.

Paper and cardboard should be stacked neatly in a box in the laundry for collection or tied in a bundle (cant be lose) cereal box or beer carton works well for this.   Only put out full recycling bags (not ½ empty ones (unless it’s your last day- the reason being that we are only allocated 25 recycle bags per year).

Please contact NPWS if there is an issue with rubbish pickup.
In summer, there is NO garbage collection. All garbage is to be taken to the waste depot behind the Perisher Fire Brigade or at Sawpit Creek national park office.
Fire Alarm
On rare occasions the lodge’s fire alarm has been falsely triggered.
If the fire alarm is triggered the RFS will attend. Should this be a false alarm due to smoke in the kitchen etc the lodge will receive a heavy fine from the RFS. In this case we would ask that you contact the Perisher RFS on (02) 6457 5037 and notify them of an un-intentional alarm trigger.

For all fire emergencies please call 000 and follow the exit signs, dress for all weather and evacuate outside –  click here for a quick video from our Perisher fire station re evacuation procedures https://www.facebook.com/100064875690336/videos/960454328563045
It is expected that on the morning of departure a thorough clean of the lodge be completed, and all garbage be bagged and stored in the laundry. If upon arrival you find the lodge in an unacceptable state please contact Orana Board [email protected] or complete the below
Cleaning & Maintenance Survey Link
Maintenance is conducted as required in the off season. Should you find an item requiring maintenance please report it to a board member or contact Orana Board.
Food Storage
Please ensure you take ALL your food with you. When left unattended in the lodge it can attract the native bush rats and other unwanted guests.  Please also keep the doors closed to reduce the chance of vermin entering the laundry and downstairs area.
Equipment Storage
Some members choose to leave equipment in the downstairs storage room. The club takes no responsibility for any items left, and has no insurance coverage for damage, theft or loss for any items left in the lodge. This area of the lodge has been known to flood during heavy rain periods and the entrance to the lodge is not secure. If you choose to leave equipment in the lodge you do so at your own risk. No food items to be left in basement.
Smoking is not permitted inside the lodge.
Please do not throw cigarettes off the balcony. This is not only un-thoughtful but can also carry a heavy fine for the lodge.
Pillows and blankets are provided only.
Guests must bring suitable sheets, pillow cases, woollen blankets are available however you may prefer to bring a sleeping bag/doona.
In each room the top bunk is a single and the bottom bunk is a small double bed. Both beds have been encased in PVC plastic protectors.